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November 22, 1998

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News Announcement(Jun 25, 1999)
Due to a terrible exam period, I haven't updated this site for a long time.  I am now planning to design another web site about nursing students with a classmate.   Hope to see you again right there.

News Announcement(Apr 5, 1999)
From April 5 to 11, our site is fighting in Tank Trial 1 of the competition.  If you think that our site is worth for your vote, just click the long banner within the heart and vote for us every day.

(Mar 30, 1999)
After joining The Site Fights competition, many visitors ask me to add a guest book.  So I immediately create one for all yours support!  Its on the bottom of this page.  Thanks a lot!

(Mar 20, 1999)
This site has got approval to join The Site Fights competition.

(Mar 1, 1999)
Updated the English workshop logo.  Fixed the hyperlink for downloading the word document and corel draw files.

(Feb 20, 1999)
We have started to register our site to several search engines.  The result is obvious.  There are visitors come from Belgium & Aotearoa, too.

(Feb 8, 1999)
Updated the Chinese version of this web.

(Jan 21, 1999)
A new discussion session has been added to this web site!  You may discuss the issue with others freely through the power of internet!

(Jan 17, 1999)
Addition hyperlinks have been added between chinese and english version.  You may feel more comfortable to browse and compare the information between the 2 versions.

(Jan 12, 1999)
The chinese version of this web site is newly constructed (not finished yet!), you may click on the button to browse it, but don't forget to leave feedback for any suggestion.

(Dec 22, 1998)
For those people who kindly sent their feed back or e-mail to us before, please click here.



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